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true feathers

True Feathers recounts the author's strides and strifes as a warrior in the US Air Force approaching the end of her career. Told through the allegorical lens of Coo, a dove who finds herself born seemingly out of place, we watch as she leaves behind the only life she has ever known in search of her true self. After befriending a wise old beach mouse, Coo begins to make peace with her past and finds she has the ability to create a much brighter future. Coo's realization echoes that of the author as she reflects on her past using insights from yoga philosophy and the healing powers of storytelling. True Feathers is a lyrical fable of authenticity, connection, and peace.  






True Feathers is Carolyn Patrick’s debut book and farewell to her life as an Airman as she starts not only a new chapter of her life, but a new book entirely. As a military child, Carolyn moved a dozen times before landing in California where she met her husband and wingman while attending San Diego State University. Together they joined the family business in service to their country and 26 years later retired each other from the Air Force. Her interest in understanding human behavior led her to study psychology and she earned both a bachelor and Master’s degree in Psychology as well as a Master’s degree in Strategic Studies from the Air War College. For the first 50 years of her life, the Air Force was her home, passion, and purpose. In 2019 she founded Starfish Warrior Yoga, with the primary goal of making yoga and meditation accessible to veterans. Carolyn lives in the Texas Hill Country with her husband, daughter, and two cats. 


about the author

What They Say



"Carolyn Patrick tells the powerful story of how intergenerational trauma expresses itself, how devastating it can be, and ultimately how redemptive forgiveness is for ourselves, as well as past and future generations. The writing is beautifully crafted and the illustrations expand the themes. Our suffering world needs powerful stories to guide us into insight, hope and healing. This book is a balm."

Robin Carnes

MBA, C-IAYT, Senior iRest Teacher and Trainer, Co-Founder, Warriors at Ease


“I just finished reading True Feathers and for all those humble warriors, who faced dangers to protect country, family, and friends, it is food for your soul. Follow Coo on her journey of healing hope as she finds meaning in her service and purpose for her life. She encourages others to heal and find meaning too. By examining the sharp contrast of human suffering and joy, we can learn to embrace each day as a gift with gratitude. Even if you’re not a veteran, this book teaches us we all have our own journey, but we can choose kindness and acceptance when we walk together. True Feathers is a MUST READ for all veterans and those who hold them close.” 

Raquel Durden 

Lieutenant Colonel, U.S. Army (Retired)

Co-Founder and Chairwoman, Humble Warrior Wellness & Yoga, 501(c)3 Nonprofit


"A truly enchanting tale, one that captivates the soul. A story of courage and acceptance. This will touch your heart."

Sophie Orchard 

Author of The Raven Descends


“True Feathers is a gift to warriors reflecting on their journey, navigating transition, and charting a new flight path. Readers will identify with the main character, Coo, as she learns about acceptance, overcoming fear, forgiveness, self-empowerment, and more. Thank you Carolyn Patrick for inspiring us all to dive deep and soar high through the lens of Nature, one of our greatest teachers.”  

Susan Pualani Alden
Army Veteran and Co-Founder, Mind Body Aloha Wellness

Check out the podcast "Writing for Healing in the Military" featuring True Feathers:

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